Hydroponic Ducts

The hydroponic duct permits the collection and/or reutilization of excess water, and also avoids possible water logging in the root system of the crop.
The material served is stabilized with U.V. (ultraviolet) filters to guarantee a long duration when used outdoors.
It comes in reels with an approximate length of 150 meters, with indentations which allow  the necessary “U” shape.

ModeloAncho (mm)Alto (mm)
Modelos compatibles
Canaleta 60x220mm / 152m22060
CC-2016 / 2219 / 2023 / 2426
Canaleta 60x250mm / 152m25060
CC-2728 / MCB-22
Canaleta 60x300mm / 152m30060CC-4030 / MCB-25
Canaleta 60x360mm / 100m36060MCB-30 / MCB-40
Canaleta 60x400mm / 100m40060MCB-45