CONEPLAST® Containers and Supports for plants

Quality starts at the roots.

These plastic containers will provide your plants with quick and effective drainage, they are also equipped with specific holes which prevent  roots from twisting and therefore suffocating. Containers come in different sizes to fit your needs.

SANSAN presents its patented CONEPLAST ® system which has created plastic containers specifically designed for production. This system is based on the combination of tall containers with inner ribs and a drainage system improved with supports which elevate the containers from the ground.

The use of these plastic containers ensures an optimum root development, by means of inner ribs that prevent roots from tangling. These particular pots come in various sizes so it is no problem to find the adequate size for your plantations. They also have a grill bottom where the roots ensuring optimum drainage. Indispensable mechanization both in filling and in manipulating, they work perfectly for citrus, olive, vines and tropical plants.

CONEPLAST plastic container system has been adapted to the slim line both in round (series C-xx) and square shape (Series CC-xx), both of which have a significant height in relation to the volume. This allows important root development and at the same time savings in substrate and an optimization of the square meter. They have also been adapted to more traditional sizes such as Series M-xx.