Trap designed for the capture of caterpillars of the pine processionary, specially adapted to the biology and behavior of this pest, of great sanitary importance in the Mediterranean arch and central Europe:

– Thaumetopoea pityocampa, also known as the Pine Processionary is a plague that is widespread in the pine forests of South and Central Europe. It can also be found in firs and cedars.
– In its larval phase it feeds at high speed which can cause problems of defoliation. The caterpillar is covered by urticating hairs that can detach and float in the air, causing problems of allergic reactions and hives, which can become serious.
– For this reason, it is particularly important to control them in forests and gardens, both public and private, because of the possibility that both people and animals may suffer these symptoms.

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The definitive trap against the pine processionary

> simple assembly
> maximum efficiency
> ecological trap
> integrated into the environment
> no chemicals or insecticides
> adaptable to the tree trunk size

Trap against the processionary recommended in La Sexta

Broadcast of Sunday, April 4, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the program “Liarla Pardo”:

The crusade against the processionaries, the toxic caterpillars that flood the parks of Madrid